Badges and Awards

Welcome to the Independent Academy’s Badge and Award page – your gateway to recognition and rewards. As a community-owned initiative, we celebrate the contributions of each member with a ‘value for value’ approach. Here, you can explore the different ways to earn badges and awards, symbolizing the value you bring to our community. Remember, your efforts today lay the foundation for a future where value flows back to those who contribute. Let’s make our Academy flourish together!

Early Adopter – Call to Adventure

100 Independence XPs

Granted for those who joined within the first year of Independent Academy.

1 Step

  • Complete the 100% of your profile

Philosophy Wordsmith (Articles)

100 Independence XPs

Ignite inspiration and share your unique Philosophical insights with the Independent Academy community. Earn the ‘Philosophy Wordsmith’ by crafting an informative and engaging blog post. Simply post your piece and tag @ArtOfTomas to submit your entry. Your words have the power to inspire, educate, and transform – start sharing today!

Bitcoin Wordsmith (Blogs)

100 Independence XPs

Earn the ‘Bitcoin Wordsmith’ badge when your insightful Bitcoin-related article gets published on Independent Academy. Tag @ArtOfTomas with your submissions. Each published piece scores you another badge, a testament to your contributions to our community’s understanding of Bitcoin. Keep writing, keep sharing, and grow with us!

Technology Wordsmith (Articles)

100 Independence XPs

Earn the ‘Technology Wordsmith’ badge each time your tech-centric article is published on Independent Academy. Remember to tag @ArtOfTomas in your post. Each badge signals your valuable contribution to our community’s tech literacy. Keep sharing, keep inspiring, and let’s decode technology together!

Journey to Independence: Live Workshop ParticipantWorkshop #1 Attendee

200 Independence XPs

Earn your “Journey to Independence: Live Workshop Participant” badge by actively engaging with our live workshop. To claim your badge, attend the live session, capture a screenshot of your participation, and post it on the Independent Academy website. Remember to tag @ArtOfTomas in your post to showcase your commitment to learning and growth!

Obtén tu insignia de “Participante en Vivo: Camino a la Independencia” participando activamente en nuestro taller en directo. Para reclamar tu insignia, asiste a la sesión en vivo, toma una captura de pantalla de tu participación y publícala en el sitio web de Independent Academy. ¡No olvides etiquetar a @ArtOfTomas en tu publicación para demostrar tu compromiso con el aprendizaje y el crecimiento!

Featured Entrepreneur

500 Independence XPs

The “Independent Academy Featured Entrepreneur” badge is a mark of distinction for the innovative leaders who join us as guests on our live workshops.

To receive this badge, you must share your entrepreneurial journey, engage with live audiences, and contribute to our collective learning experience. This badge is a testament to your role in inspiring and educating aspiring independents.

La insignia de “Emprendedor Destacado de Independent Academy” es un sello de distinción para los líderes innovadores que nos acompañan como invitados en nuestros talleres en vivo.

Para recibir esta insignia, debes compartir tu viaje emprendedor, interactuar con el público en directo y contribuir a nuestra experiencia de aprendizaje colectivo. Esta insignia es un testimonio de tu papel en inspirar y educar a los aspirantes a independientes.

Independence XPs

3 Independence XP Awards

  • 1 Point for publish an activity post 1 time (limited to 1 per day)
  • 10 Satoshis for register to website
  • 100 Satoshis for complete the 99% of your profile

Independent Ranks

Independent Voyager

As an Independent Voyager, you embody the spirit of exploration and commitment towards acquiring and applying knowledge. You have journeyed through the vast landscapes of information, discussions, and experiences in our community, consistently adding value and broadening your intellectual horizons.

This rank symbolizes your significant strides towards self-sufficiency and your dedication to fostering the culture of lifelong learning within the Independent Academy. Congratulations on your voyage towards true independence!

Novice Navigator

Welcome aboard, Novice Navigator! This is the starting point of your exciting journey through the Independent Academy. As a new user, you’re embarking on a quest of knowledge, collaboration, and growth. Embrace the challenge and let your journey unfold!